You are a natural scientist, pharmacist or veterinarian, have successfully completed your Master’s degree and would like to do a PhD? If you are interested and ideally have first experiences in virology, are highly motivated and like to work in an international team, then you are the right person for us!
In our department we give PhD students the opportunity to do a scientific doctorate (Dr. rer. nat.).

Since we have already accompanied many PhD students during their doctoral studies, we know what is important. We offer not only exciting and well-designed projects, but also comprehensive support in all practical and theoretical aspects of the work, regular meetings as well as a great team and a cheerful and relaxed working atmosphere! It is also important to us that the PhD students can actively shape their project and that it can be realized in a manageable time frame. Participation in (international) conferences and publication of results are also part of a PhD thesis in the Department of Molecular & Medical Virology.

Some examples of scientific PhD theses from our department can be found below.
If you are interested: Then send us your application (including CV, references, cover letter and possible starting date.

Recent PhD projects:

Viral and Host Determinants in the replication Cyle of Hepatitis E Virus



More information:
Todt, D. et al. Mutagenic Effects of Ribavirin on Hepatitis E Virus—Viral Extinction versus Selection of Fitness-Enhancing Mutations. Viruses 8, 283 (2016).

Charakterisierung des Hepatitis E Virus Eintritts und der RNA Replikation in neuronalen Zellen


More information:
Drave, S. A. et al. Extra-hepatic replication and infection of hepatitis E virus in neuronal-derived cells. J. Viral Hepat. 23, 512–521 (2016).